Survey about gestalt therapists’ reading and production habits

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Researcher and Gestalttherapist
Dear colleagues,

I apologise if you receive this message multiple times through different channels! I’m sending you a request for collaboration in a study about the sources of information that gestalt therapists consult. This will be part of a broader work about publication resources for gestalt therapy research that will be presented in the IV International Conference on Research in Gestalt Psychotherapy that will take place in late May 2019 in Santiago de Chile.

The motivation for this study is to know better what the available sources of research literature are, and the possible channels through which gestalt therapy research can be published. We also want to know how well informed gestalt therapists are about the available resources. So far, this initiative is receiving support in different ways by the Spanish, Polish, Mexican and European GT associations, as well as AAGT and the Chile conference organizers. We are very grateful to all of them!

The questionnaire is available online in English and Spanish. We’d be very grateful if you could fill it in and if you could resend this call for help to other gestalt therapists or GT organizations.

The URL for accessing the survey is:
(The Spanish-language version of the questionnaire is available from there.)

The two main researchers behind this work are Juan Longares (expert in information science) and David Picó (gestalt therapist and psychologist), from Valencia, Spain.

Thanks in advance from your help!
Warm regards,